Welcome to OSDLIVE.com: Home of The Footwear Addiction

001-OSD-main_logo_horizThe Sole Doctors & Disorderlies will see you now!

What if you heard someone say this to you as you walked into a doctor’s office to get your annual physical or relief for a sprained ankle or a sore tooth?

Welcome to OSDLIVE.com…the home of The Footwear Addiction!

Well, while the Sole Doctors & Disorderlies can’t help alleviate any of those types of pain, we are able to let you know which kicks sneaker aficionados are hunting for, drooling over  and downright OBSESSING about!

What started with a simple goal of giving listeners an opportunity to pump up and air out their love for all things leather, rubber, suede, nylon and overall ‘art for your feet’ the sneaker talk show gives YOU just that and more.

The “little” podcast, that has more than 3 million downloads, has grown up and we allow you to ‘see’ the sneaker culture firsthand with in depth conversations about footwear stocks, who is wearing what sneakers and what sneakers are causing people to go to various ends because they have Obsessive Sneaker Disorder.

Head over to the “OSD Talk Show” tab at the top of the page to see the archive of episodes in audio and video formats.

Let your sole speak and walk around the OSD website and if you have a comment or concern or a topic that the Sole Doctors & Disorderlies should address, send us an email to info@osdlive(.)com or hit us on Twitter at @OSDLIVE .

In the meantime, keep your laces tied tightly….your tongue loose, and Walk GOOD!