Angel Martinez: Change Footwear & More

There are a number of ‘game changers’ when it comes to sneakers and some names ring bells and some are unknown and a goal of the OSD is to shine the light, brightly, on people.

It’s that simple…..shine the light on P E O P L E.

One such person is Angel Martinez, the former CEO of Deckers Brands (Think brands such as Ugg, Teva, and Sanuk) who in 2017, ran for the Mayoral seat in Santa Barbara, CA.

If you’re a sneaker aficionado then you need to know about Angel and his history with Reebok and the Freestyle aka the 5411.

After being left by both his parents as a toddler in Cuba, Angel was brought by his guardians to New York City, where he grew up as a distance runner.

He later became one of the first running store owners on the West Coast, but his real talent for building something big happened after that.

He became a sales rep for Reebok in the eighties (when it was nothing) and turned it into a more successful brand than Nike.

While this episode of Lewis Howes’s podcast dates to 2015, all of the points that Angel discusses- working hard and being afraid to fail- are relevant today.

Enjoy the show and share this post with someone you think will appreciate it