SOLEcial Studies Online Course is BACK for Winter 1718

OSD-SOLEcial-Studies-redThat’s RIGHT…..OSD’s SOLEcial Studies sneaker industry educational program is back!

The program is available to everyone and classes meet once a week for 2-hours on Tuesdays from 8 pm to 10 pm ET.

The 8-week program begins on Tuesday, Feb. 13th and concludes on Tuesday, April 3rd.

The cost is $300 payable through the online registration, which is listed below.

The class will be made up of the following 3 aspects that will help you stay up to date:

(1) Video or Audio lesson explanations (Lectures)

(2) Written/Printed Coursework

(3) Assignments

Instructions for your access to the 3 aspects will be provided prior to the first class, once you’ve paid your registration fee.

🚨 REGISTER ➡️  SOLEcial Studies Winter 1718 Online Registration 🌐

If you have any questions about SOLEcial Studies, please contact Sean Williams at

Learn from industry experts and experience what students from 8 countries around the world have already experienced and become a certified “SOLE Doctor”(Certificate of completion will be mailed to you upon completion of the class.)

You owe it to yourself to prepare for the future!


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[Video] Nora Vasconcellos: Skateboarding At It’s Best!

NoraVasconcellos-PhotosbyGiovanniReda-adidasSkateboardingIf you’re not into skateboarding and you may not have heard about Nora, but don’t worry…. making a lot of noise as a skateboarder, artist, and all-around inspirator!

Nora Vasconcellos, who grew up in Pembroke, Massachusetts, is the main character in the mini-documentary “Nora”, which highlights her love for skateboarding (sparked by Nickelodeon’s Rocket Power) in what appears to be when she was about 6 or 7-years-old.


Nora’s parents and her brother, Davis, who’s a Parkour athlete and coach in Boston, discuss Nora’s love for riding her bicycle, rollerblading and, of course, skateboarding in Pembroke, where they grew up.

While Nora is not the first female skateboarder to catch the attention of the skateboarding world, she certainly knows how to have fun and isn’t afraid to let it all hang out!

Besides inking a deal with adidas Skateboarding, Nora was listed by as one of the “Women In Sports To Watch in 2018” as she prepares to defend her Vans Park Series title.

I think the only rating that I could even put on a skateboarder is like…how much do they make me want to go ride my skateboard. ~Nora

The film gives us some insight into Nora’s world and I’m sure we’re going to hear her name a lot in 2018 and beyond!

YouTube Preview Image
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Nike LeBron Soldier 11 “Ultramarine”…F R E S H & C L E A N


I like the KITH Nike LeBron XV “Long Live The King” sneakers, but I don’t like the $230 price tag.

It’s too expensive and I think LeBron is pricing his sneakers out of reach for the average consumer….who’s a kid in junior high or high school.

Jumping over to his other sneakers…I like what Nike is doing with the Soldier line and the Soldier 11s.

When I saw these I immediately saw the cues from the Nike Air 180’s (1991) in the classic white and ultramarine colorway, and, at a retail price of $140, they’re better priced for LeBron’s target consumer.




Photo of Nike LeBron Soldier 11 courtesy of



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Fear of God x Nike in 2018: Is It REAL?

JerryLorenzoManuel_FOG1Social media today is a real motherf*#ker and everyone is an expert when it comes to marketing.  I mean, everyone has an opinion about who’s dating whom, which brands are

collaborating and who’s buying their competitor and pulling an Avon Barksdale and taking over new territory.

Earlier today (12/29/2017) I read a post on Instagram by The Word On The Feet (@thewordonthefeet) that:

Jerry Lorenzo founder and designer for (in my opinion one of this years stand out Brands) @fearofgod has put his partnership with @vans to one side and has stated he

will be collaborating with @Nike in early 2018!! I mean next year looking like it’s gonna be crazzzzy one for Sneaker Lovers. If you’ve seen the #toptensneakers2017 (LINK IN BIO) you no I really like the FOGXVANS collab more blessings to this mans ventures..👀👀


You’ll read my comment where I share my thoughts on a possible partnership not being beneficial for Jerry.  If the rumor is true and we do see sneakers and products bearing the Fear of God name with Nike, I strongly feel that this only benefits Nike and it does nothing to further the Fear of God brand.


Well, I happen to check Twitter later on and I read Jerry’s Tweet:


In the meantime, keep your laces tied tightly, your tongue loose and Walk GOoD!

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VIDEO: Kim Karhashian Shares Stocks That She Got For Christmas

KimKardashianWest-SOLEcialStudies-Stocks People talk a lot about Kanye West and while many love his music, we know that he’s been on his sneaker grind for a while now.

 Initially, Kanye worked with Nike and Louis Vuitton on sneakers, but, eventually, Mr. Yeezy crossed-over to adidas and his Yeezy sneakers are some of the most popular sneakers in the world.

For Christmas, Kanye West gave his wife, Kim Kardashian West, some simple gifts that may leave some people scratching their head wondering why, a guy who has a lot of money in the bank, would he give his wife stocks in companies such adidas, Amazon, Apple, Disney, and Netflix?

Let’s just say that these companies’ stocks have been performing very good!

SOLEcial Studies teaches students about buying and owning stocks in companies that they already buy their products.

 Yeah, owning stocks is far better than owning a pair of sneakers!😎

YouTube Preview Image
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Washington, D.C. Teen Believed To Be Killed For Sneakers

James Anthony Smith-17yr old killed in Washington, D.C. over sneakers

The family of James Anthony Smith, the 17-year-old, murdered on 12/18/2017 over what many believe were his ‘Win Like ’96’ Air Jordan 11 sneakers, will celebrate Christmas grieving the loss of their beloved young prince.

As parents and educators (non-traditional) our aim with SOLEcial Studies is to expose youth to the athletic footwear industry, but also expose the ugly side of the society where people have put too much emphasis on material things.

We use Rick Telander’s, the then senior writer for Sports Illustrated, article -“Your Sneakers or Your Life“- that he wrote and became the cover for the May 14, 1990, cover of Sports Illustrated.

The article put a bright spotlight on kids being killed for their sneakers and jackets.  This was a wake-up call for the sneaker companies that they had to pay attention to and attempt to address.

Well, after 27 years, we’re still dealing with senseless violence and murders.

We, the OSD/ SOLEcial Studies team, send our condolences to Bonita Smith and the family as they mourn the loss of James Anthony Smith.  May he rest in eternal peace.

YouTube Preview Image
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Timberland 50009: Let’s Do This Like Brutus!

When you’re obsessed with footwear that means that you look at ALL footwear and while there are a bunch of shoe companies out there, one that caught my attention in 1987 is Timberland.

I was introduced to Timberland boots by cats in Brooklyn and there was something ‘special’ about the way that they wore them; untied with the tongue flapped over and the ever-present tree stamped on the heel.

It was Christmas time and I was able to visit family in NYC and leave the warm temps of the Virgin Islands behind for a bit.

While it was cold in NYC, it was far from cold in the Virgin Islands and I wanted a pair of Timbs, but there was no way that I was going to play myself and wear a pair of 6-inch wheats in the Caribbean!

It was 1987, and at the time there 2 camps when it came to music for me: (1) Def beats with messages of empowerment and that made me think about what it meant to be a Black male, and (2) songs that made me want to dance, have fun and look fly.

With songs like “I Need Love” by LL Cool J, “Head To Toe” by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, “I Ain’t No Joke” by Eric B & Rakim and “Top Billin’” by Audio Two, ’87 was a great year for music!

But, let me get back to the Timberland boots.

I wanted a pair of Timbs, but I didn’t want boots so as I visited the Albee Square Mall, in downtown Brooklyn, and looking at a lot of people’s feet to survey what they wore, I noticed a few cats that wore a maroon pair of shoes that had lug soles. They looked similar to a pair of boat shoes, but more rugged and raw than traditional boat shoes. I had to have a pair!

After looking for a pair in what seemed like every store up and down Fulton Street and crapping out, I hit Triangle Sports (only old-school Brooklyn folks will remember Triangle and their bins with deadstock sneakers that were zipped-tied together) and found them, but they didn’t have them in my size.


So, what does a person back in ’87 do to find a pair of shoes prior to the internet? You grab the Yellow Pages (read: A telephone book) and let your fingers do the walking and flip to “Shoes” and look for sporting goods stores and make some calls.

I called a few places in Manhattan and found a spot near Wall Street that them in stock and in my size. Needless to say, I broke out like Heavy D & The Boyz and made my way to the store.

Once I got to the store, I realized that it was a rarity for the owner to have teenagers in his store and probably even more rare to sell a pair of these shoes to someone that wanted to wear them as everyday shoes and not for hiking.

I secured a pair of the 3-eyelet, oxblood-colored, beautifully crafted shoes and I was amped!

Oh, and how could I forget the sweet smell of the leather when I opened the box? The premium leather had a distinct smell that to this day I can remember.

So, without further ado, I introduce you to the Timberland 50009.

The Timberland shoes are made with premium, full-grain, oiled leather for comfort, durability and abrasion resistance. The hand sewn construction is not only to improve the quality of these Heritage shoes, but to add an attractive hand-crafted look and feel. Additionally, the 360 degree rawhide lacing system allows for a custom fit.

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Video: PENSOLE x OSDLive Footwear Industry Panel Boston Public Schools

Boston-Pensole-OSDlive-0048On Saturday, October 28th, D’Wayne touched down in Boston and when I say that he assembled an all-star cast of footwear designers, Product Line Managers (PLMs), materials and trends folks and sales folks, my words don’t do justice to the knowledge that was shared!

Thank you to everyone that attended and especially to the youth, their parents, and teachers who participated and asked great questions.

YouTube Preview Image



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PENSOLE: Footwear Industry Panel At Boston Public Schools Open House

Boston-Pensole-OSDlive-0062When you enter the doors at PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy, located in downtown Portland, Oregon, you’ll quickly realize that you’re entering a studio that is unlike any other space that exists in the world.

No, I didn’t mistype the words “you’ll quickly realize that you’re entering a studio that is unlike any other space that exists in the world.”

You see, what started as an idea that was inspired by his own journey, D’Wayne Edwards created a space where creative folks from all over the world will want to enter, learn, be pushed to be better and leave with a new appreciation for footwear, design, problem solving and sharing what they learned while studying at PENSOLE.

PENSOLE came to be because D’Wayne’s mother instilled in him, and his 5 siblings, to BELIEVE. Continue reading

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Buy YOUR OSD Stickers!

The Obsessive Sneaker Disorder (OSD) vinyl, die-cut stickers have arrived!

Obsessive Sneaker Disorder vinyl, die-cut, UV coated sticker.

Obsessive Sneaker Disorder vinyl, die-cut, UV coated sticker.

The cost is $5 for 1 sticker or 3 stickers for $10 (Price includes shipping anywhere in the world.)
Pay with PayPal and send payment to

YouTube Preview Image
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