Buy Air Jordans on Snapchat? Why YES!

Snapchat to buy Air Jordan sneakersI’ve heard the complaints from my daughter that she wishes she could go back to the ‘old Snapchat before the update’, but it appears that with the update Snapchat and Jordan Brand have chosen to give users an experience and sell them some sneakers at the same time.

As part of the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities, the 2 companies have joined forces to sell the Air Jordan III Tinker sneakers through the camera app.

Is this a game changer?


It’s a first for Jordan, and it’s a first for Snap, too. Formerly, Snapchat has offered an integrated e-commerce Snap Store, powered by Shopify, to sell a few of its own-branded merchandise items, like dancing hot dog costumes. But this was really just novelty testing done for superfans of the platform.

With Jordan, Snap is dipping its toe into the possibility of monetizing just about anything via app-integrated sales channels. Snap openly classifies itself a camera company, rather than a social media app. That’s why it’s explored products like Spectacles, which turned sunglasses into a video camera. And while right now, Snap is only selling one limited edition sneaker drop for Jordan through a live event, it’s easy to imagine Snap leveraging the close relationship that its 187 million daily active users have with its camera to any number of third-party brand partners. Maybe that means brands will release more limited edition QR codes in the wild for you to discover on Snap, and Snap takes a cut of each sale. Or maybe that means Snap could make a play similar to what Pinterest is going for, and use image recognition AI to turn anything you might photograph into a buy-it-now opportunity.  ~ Fast Company


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