Ep213-OSD-The Hype is Real!

The hype for the Nike Air Foamposite One is palpable, and some folks are so thirsty for the sneakers that not even water, Gatorade or any liquid libation can quench their thirst!

What was being reported as ‘camp outs’ that began on Sunday(2/19), yes a full 5-days prior to the release of the sneakers, the hype has reached another level when folks are willing to trade their Caribbean timeshare or a car for a pair of the “Galaxy” foams.

We suggest that folks go back and listen to episodes Ep210 with D’Wayne Edwards and Ep212 with Jayson Mayden, to help them put things in perspective regarding this sneaker ish!

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Thank you to Dallas Penn for the dope coverage in NYC!

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  • http://twitter.com/CHIstateofmind adetokunbo otabor

    Appreciate & love what y’all are doing, just listened to this and the “wear what YOU like” &  ‘DO YOU’ sayings that has become mantras of sorts, and it , struck me such that i had to leave a comment.  it was interesting hearing those during the podcast go in on the cats that were rocking pastry joints and how easy that was derided & dismissed  as “not being cool.” how are these 2 things reconciled?  which is it?   It get at the reality (especially for younger people who are still deciding/figuring out who they are) that it is really only cool to ‘wear what you like’ when it fits in with what your peers like , for the most part.  You could also extend this to the WTF portion(s)  of the podcast, where shoes are routinely & roundly lambasted by the group…
    As everyone on the podcast seems to be pretty ‘grown’ i think it is EASILY forgotten how much sway our peers held/hold on us especially when young…it would be a dope topic for discussion, what happens when what you like is so alien/different from the group?  are you willing to be on that island alone?  that not only takes courage but also the understanding that will be a source of ridicule (like vegetable colored deep v-necks!) it is worth remembering that our younger selves tended not to be so brave or enlightened…

    it is worth keeping in mind we are social beings, and while  perhaps it’d be better if everyone ‘did them’ but you might lose the community that goes along with that collective.  it would be really interesting if there were a younger voice involved, maybe getting the homie d.penn to do some of those gueriila vids with the youth to REALLY understand where they are coming from?  because far from being “mindless zombies” just going along with the hype, it seems to me that people are actively opting in to it…

    just thought it was worth mentioning as some food for thought…

    /end rant

    *steps off soap box*

    uno out