Fear of God x Nike in 2018: Is It REAL?

JerryLorenzoManuel_FOG1Social media today is a real motherf*#ker and everyone is an expert when it comes to marketing.  I mean, everyone has an opinion about who’s dating whom, which brands are

collaborating and who’s buying their competitor and pulling an Avon Barksdale and taking over new territory.

Earlier today (12/29/2017) I read a post on Instagram by The Word On The Feet (@thewordonthefeet) that:

Jerry Lorenzo founder and designer for (in my opinion one of this years stand out Brands) @fearofgod has put his partnership with @vans to one side and has stated he

will be collaborating with @Nike in early 2018!! I mean next year looking like it’s gonna be crazzzzy one for Sneaker Lovers. If you’ve seen the #toptensneakers2017 (LINK IN BIO) you no I really like the FOGXVANS collab more blessings to this mans ventures..👀👀


You’ll read my comment where I share my thoughts on a possible partnership not being beneficial for Jerry.  If the rumor is true and we do see sneakers and products bearing the Fear of God name with Nike, I strongly feel that this only benefits Nike and it does nothing to further the Fear of God brand.


Well, I happen to check Twitter later on and I read Jerry’s Tweet:


In the meantime, keep your laces tied tightly, your tongue loose and Walk GOoD!