Fear of God x Nike in 2018: Is It REAL?

JerryLorenzoManuel_FOG1Social media today is a real motherf*#ker and everyone is an expert when it comes to marketing.  I mean, everyone has an opinion about who’s dating whom, which brands are

collaborating and who’s buying their competitor and pulling an Avon Barksdale and taking over new territory.

Earlier today (12/29/2017) I read a post on Instagram by The Word On The Feet (@thewordonthefeet) that:

Jerry Lorenzo founder and designer for (in my opinion one of this years stand out Brands) @fearofgod has put his partnership with @vans to one side and has stated he

will be collaborating with @Nike in early 2018!! I mean next year looking like it’s gonna be crazzzzy one for Sneaker Lovers. If you’ve seen the #toptensneakers2017 (LINK IN BIO) you no I really like the FOGXVANS collab more blessings to this mans ventures..👀👀


You’ll read my comment where I share my thoughts on a possible partnership not being beneficial for Jerry.  If the rumor is true and we do see sneakers and products bearing the Fear of God name with Nike, I strongly feel that this only benefits Nike and it does nothing to further the Fear of God brand.


Well, I happen to check Twitter later on and I read Jerry’s Tweet:


In the meantime, keep your laces tied tightly, your tongue loose and Walk GOoD!

  • http://www.arch-usa.com/ archceo

    Good stuff right there. I actually have FOG ranked in my top 40 kicks of the year on the site and a collab at this point would diminish the work that FOG has done establishing their rightful place in the pantheon of high end kicks. if anything FOG would be better served dropped a trainer at 220 to rival adidas. I have a prediction article coming soon on 2018 and FOG is one of the brands I have that could edge Yeezy from its spot of they develop a trainer at 220. You’re right though, this shouldn’t happen.