Higher Learning: Footlocker/ UNCF Scholarship

If you’ve just discovered OSD, that’s OK….we’re glad that you have!

Maybe you’ve been walking around for years with a ‘thing’ for sneakers, and didn’t know how to describe it, but you’ve always been known as “the female with the fly kicks” or “that dude whose sneakers are always fresh”.

Well, it’s safe to say that you have OSD, and there is no cure for it….not that you’re looking for there to be one!

It’s safe to say that you like wearing a fresh pair of sneakers because you live by the motto, “If you look good, then you feel good”!

The OSD Crew lives by this motto as well, and we’re serious about education because as long as you’re walking around, you should learn something new everyday! (Soul to Sole)

The good folks at Footlocker (yeah, they’ve removed more than a few dead presidents from your purse or wallet) are offering scholarships for folks in college or planning to go to college.

The application deadline is Tuesday, April 24, 2012, and to find out more information, and how to apply online, head on over to UNCF.org.

The minimum GPA is a 2.5 and scholarships awarded are up to $5,000.

So, like the ol’ school Yellow Pages ads used to say, “Let your fingers do the walking”.

Walk GOOD!