It’s Called the “Come Up” #7

Inglorious bastards!

No, I’m not writing about the movie, which was funnier than I thought it would be, but I’m talking about these b-grade Nike Air Force 1 “LA” sneakers or, in this case, “AJ” Air Forces.

Y’all may remember when the “LA” Air Force 1s were released in 2001, even though the 2001 NBA All Star game took place in Washington, D.C.

It was the 50th Annual All Star game, and Allen Iverson willed the East squad back to defeat the West 111-110; AI was subsequently named the game’s MVP.

Well, not long after the NBA All Star Game took place, pictures of the “LA” Air Force 1s started to hit the Internet and folks, like yours truly, who is NOT a Los Angeles Lakers fan, wanted a pair.

In April, the “LA” Air Force 1s were released, and they were fetching upwards of $150, which was crazy because the retail price was $75 for tumbled leather Air Force 1s! Yeah, where do they do that at now? Woooo saaaaaaahh……..woooooo saaaaaaahh.

Alright, let me get back to the sneakers.

One day, while I was sitting at my desk doing some work while surfing the usual message boards such as NikeTalk, InstyleShoes, Crooked Tongues, etc., I stumbled upon a post that said that some b-grade “LA” Air Force 1s were seen at a Nike Outlet in Northern California.

Well, like any old-school sneaker hunter knows, it was time to take things to an all new level, and hit the “virtual” friends on the West coast. I hit a couple cats that I knew from the message boards and asked if they knew anything about the b-grade “LA” Air Force 1s? One person knew, and then he hit me with the little gem that the stitching was backwards, so it appeared that the logo said “AJ” instead of “LA”. Awe, damn!

It took all of an hour to get confirmation, and within that hour I had a telephone number to the Nike outlet store that had them…..and a full size run priced at the lovely price of $49.99 per pair!

I called the spot and I spoke with a cat that confirmed that they had them, but the store wasn’t allowed to take telephone orders. Damn!!

What was I supposed to do? It’s not like I could go there and pick them up or have someone go there and buy a pair for me (my peeps lived too far). So, I did what any sneaker fiend in this situation would do…….I called the Nike Outlet once again. This time, I got a female on the telephone, and after speaking with her for 4-minutes, I convinced her to allow me to order the sneakers over the phone and have them shipped to me.


At the end of the day, the sneakers cost me $60, which includes the cost of shipping.

What’s that famous quote about perseverance? Well, it doesn’t matter because I took a “By any means necessary” approach and I have the sneakers to prove it!

Walk GOOD!