[Kickstory] Nike Air Trainer Huarache (2001)

6B55F80B-CC51-4F81-9783-15A66630CD87The Nike Air Trainer Huarache sneakers were released during the spring of 1992 and even though the black, grey and white pair wasn’t the first colorway released, they did make a big splash.

The first time I saw the sneakers, I immediately knew they were the ‘next level in cross training sneakers’.

2446666A-F09D-4B7A-B7BA-FAE4798915ABThink about it, we already had other cross trainers that Tinker Hatfield had designed, but when the Huarache running sneakers were released in 1991, it only made sense that we’d see a cross trainer that borrowed cues from the running sneakers.

The colors–black, grey and white–were extremely popular in the early ’90s: The Chicago White Sox and the Los Angeles Raiders were the top-sellers when it came to clothing and hats.

Starter short sets, which were popular at the time and made more popular by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, were very common; all you had to do was to watch YO! MTV Raps or BET’s The Basement.

How would a pair of sneakers so complex, but so purposeful for various sports be received?B3EFEB2C-EF0E-4EE4-9B34-5A126D4AA428

Let’s just say that they ‘hit’ and made a splash on the streets of New York City and places like Bozeman, Montana alike.

Cross-training was gaining popularity and everyone and their grandmother was either playing tennis, doing step aerobics or jogging and the Nike Air Trainer Huarache was a ‘go to’ pair of sneakers.