[Music] Baige O’Bannon: “A Prequel to Some Cool Shit”

Whenever I listen to a song or mix-CD from a friend of mine or someone that I know well, I’m typically hesitant because if I’ve got to tell them that it’s “OK” or “It’s good”….that’s CliffNotes-speak for, “it was alright, but I don’t think it was very good”.

Well, that’s not the case with Worcester-based Emcee Baige O’Bannon’s latest CD “A Prequel to Some Cool Shit“.

Right off the bat, with such a title, you expect something dope!And, from the first track from the album “Just Playin” Baige, who’s been working in the music industry for more than 10-years, brings the cool shit and let’s it breathe…..much like a great bottle of wine.

“A Prequel to Some Cool Shit” is a fun, eclectic, and well mixed CD with word play that will have you bobbing your head to songs such as “House Party”, to which Baige O’Bannon rides the beat harder than Nigel Sylvester does a BMX bike on the streets of NYC.


Armed with a plethora of artists that rap (Ariez OnasisJ.Ansah & Future Joyner), mix (DJ EDubble), and know their way around Pro Tools (JussLu), Baige is the wizard similar to the character in The Wizard of Oz, because he allows you to look behind the curtain all the while taking you on a fun-filled ride from the “Hitty to the 508!”

If “A Prequel to Some Cool Shit” is your introduction to Baige O’Bannon, then you’ve got some catching-up to do, because Baige is a grinder, and no I’m not writing about any damn sandwich; his lyrics on “A Prequel to Some Cool Shit” will make sure you’re well fed because when you head out on the town….you’re going to party your ass off, and you WILL feel the after effects!  And, Oh yeah, that IS some cool shit!

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