Music: Soul to Sole


Whenever a favorite song of mine comes on the radio or, as I find myself more so these days, on SiriusXM, I’m quickly transported to that moment in time when I first heard the song, remembering what I was doing and maybe, even, whom I was with.

The first time I heard Nelly’s “Air Force Ones” I was driving, and was taking my daughter to day care.  She was almost 2-years old.

I was shocked that JAM’N 94.5 FM, the sole Hip Hop station in Boston, at the time, was playing a song about sneakers. (I have to let you know that I didn’t have Sirius satellite radio at the time, and I thought it was silly to pay to listen to the radio. I’ve since changed my mind.)

Yes, the song wasn’t as dope or funky fresh as say “My Adidas” by RUN-DMC, but it was a song about sneakers nonetheless, and I was ecstatic!

While Nike Air Force 1s are considered played out by today’s standards, AF1s will never go out of style in my book. I mean, the sneakers, which were initially manufactured in 1982, for what I considered the baddest mofo in the League, Moses Malone, will ALWAYS be special to me.

Whether it was the “Air” on the inside that couldn’t be seen, after slipping on a pair of the Nike Air Force 1s, you could feel that there was “air” in them soles.  If only we could see the air!

My pair of Nike Air Force 1s were white with a fire-engine red Swoosh that my Aunt Lucille, who lived in Laurelton, Queens, bought for me.

I was the “kid with the weird white and red sneakers” that no one in the Virgin Islands has seen before.  And, you know that I didn’t wear them on the basketball court.  These sneakers were solely for breaking necks and making others point, and screw-up their face like…….WTF!

Fast-forward to today, and whenever I hear Nelly’s “Air Force Ones” played, I smile and I’m quickly transported back to 1982, and I’m funky fresh…..dressed and ready to impress!