New Balance 574: Looking for a New Love

The other day I had someone tell me that they were “looking for a new love”, and, being completely honest, I started laughing because what came to mind was the song of the same title, released in 1987, by the tall, beautiful, slammin’, sexy, hot, gorgeous Jody Watley (OK…I’ll stop with the adjectives, but you now know how I feel about JW)!Well, after explaining the reason for my outburst, and my in vain attempt at trying to convince my friend that I wasn’t laughing at her, and her quest to find a new love, I gave some thought about ‘looking for a new love’, but relating this phrase to sneakers.

Lately, it does seem that a lot of folks are “looking for a new love” when it comes to leather and rubber.

What used to be underground, and known by a select few, similar to a fight club, sneakers today are front-page news.

Just look at the madness that took place in parts of the United States with the release of the Air Jordan XIs (Houston we have a problem)!

And, just when I thought there was no way in the love for Sweet Baby Jesus that the insanity surrounding the XIs could be topped… was with the release of the Nike Air Foamposite One “Galaxy” sneakers.

In a scene reminiscent to Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” after Mookie, Buggin’ Out and Crew trashed Sal’s Pizzeria, and darn near burned down the block, folks in Orlando, Florida lost their minds over the “Galaxies”, and stormed the local House of Hoops store.

There were so many people in the mall parking lot, and the streets surrounding the mall that the Orlando Police Department called for back-up police officers from the surrounding towns, and even deployed a SWAT team, and a whirly bird in the sky.

It was really bad, and the entire sneaker community shook their head. Sadness.

There are a couple of things that we can be certain of in life: At some point we all have to pay taxes or Uncle Sam will come after us, we’re all going to die, and Michael Jordan will never lace up another pair of Air Jordan sneakers, and play in the NBA.

The first 2 are definitely going to take place, and the third one became a reality on September 11, 2009, when Michael Jeffrey Jordan was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, located in Springfield, Massachusetts.

What should have been a celebration of one of the best basketball players to ever lace-up some sneakers, turned out to be a sad presentation by MJ as he chose to ‘bitch-slap’ more than a handful of people with baby powder-filled hands. That shit was not funny!

I was actually embarrassed by MJ. I viewed him as a man who always carried himself with class, and could float above the fray. During his speech he resorted to low level humor, and making fun of people. Sadness.

While I still like Air Jordan sneakers like the next sneaker Disorderly, I do look at Jordan sneakers very differently since the release of the Air Jordan XXI, and Jordan’s Hall of Fame speech. (Simply put, the newer Air Jordan sneakers don’t do anything for me.)

So, what does a Disorderly, who’s been into sneakers since 1984, and owns, albeit worn, sneakers such as Dunlop, Gucci, Travel Fox, Ellesse, PONY, Diadora, and Lotto kicks to do?

You do what any self-respecting Disorderly would do; you dig deep in your quiver, and you pull out gems that haven’t been worn, but need to before time and Mother Nature take their toll.

Now, folks who know me well or somewhat well know that I’m not afraid to wear bright colors (read: Caribbean & West Indian bloodlines) or a brand that isn’t a ‘go to choice’.

Lately, I’ve found myself selecting sneakers from brands such as adidas, Saucony, and New Balance, and when I don’t feel like wearing sneakers, my choice of shoes have been boat shoes from Sebago or Timberland.

Recently, I headed over to New Balance’s website in search of a pair of royal blue suede New Balance 574s, to replace the pair that I mistakenly ruined when I spilled Clorox bleach on the floor, which left them with more spots than Kwamé wore polka dots.

While I was on the New Balance website, I decided to play around with their sneaker customization program, and within 10 minutes I had ‘colored’ some 574s that I really liked.

Being a bit indecisive of the 5 pairs of 574s that I ‘colored’, I decided to save my designs, and revisit the website within a few days with a fresh set of eyes.

Well, a week went by, and when I revisited New Balance’s website, I immediately saw the 2 of the 5 pairs of 574s that I’d buy!

So, allow me to share one of my creations with you, and stay tuned for part 2.