[Opinion] “Nike Air”……Why?

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I want to address the rumored re-release of the AirJordan 3s with “Nike Air” on the back. I don’t know whether or not it’s true and I don’t have any insider information, but I DON’T think it’s going to happen. Again, this is merely my opinion, and I think it’s all a ploy to build hype for sneakers that will be re-released anyway. Allow me to share my reasoning: Nike basketball and Jordan Brand have been battling each other for dollars for years and Jordan Brand, even though they are a subsidiary of Nike, has been kicking Nike Basketball’s ass.Brightside-OSD

Secondly, by placing “Nike Air” on the sneakers it doesn’t benefit JB. It’s not as if “Nike Air” is going to help them sell more sneakers or Air Jordan 3s, for that matter. Jordan Brand could release the 3s every year and folks would run, line up and camp out to buy them every year! (Yeah, you know folks would.)

Take for example the release of the Air Jordan XIs in black and red, which folks lost their minds over and, sadly, people got killed for a pair of sneakers! When are things going to change and when are folks going to stop killing each other over sneakers? Think about it for a second…..they’re just sneakers.AJ3-trueblue-OSD

Yes, each pair of sneakers has a story attached to them, but it’s the human being that makes the sneakers special and the attached stories are what I like to refer to as “kickstories”, but we have to remember that they are a material object.

I don’t know when sneakers became more important than someones life, but I know the same could be said about any material object. Shoot, cavemen robbed and killed each other over food and furs. Maybe, just maybe, we were programmed to be this way
from day 1? Hmmmmm.

Jordan 3 Nike AirI’ll proudly pass and wear my retros without the “Nike Air” on the back and maybe go to the grocery store or cut
the grass; all that matters is that I’m wearing the sneakers that I

While I don’t have the solution I do feel that we have to stop killing our brothers and sisters over material items, and
helping billion dollar companies make more and more money from us.

At the end of the day if Jordan Brand does decide to put “Nike Air”on the back of the 3s they won’t be able to count me in…..I’ll continue to wear the sneakers that I already have.

Until next time, buy what you like and forget the rest!

And, oh, keep your laces tied tightly, your tongue loose and Walk GOOD!