OSD x BLF x FTYA Invade the 8th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival on Saturday, July 14th!!!

I’m insanely happy to announce that the esteemed folks of Brooklyn Bodega have asked OSD and Bloodline Fresh to join them by adding a new dimension to the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival this year (the 8th Annual). This year the headliner is Busta Rhymes (and many surprises…right Wes?)

So what will we be doing? Great Question…. Back in the Summer of 2011 Wes Jackson and Pamela Bishop (of Brooklyn Bodega) attended the Graduation Day ceremonies for OSD “The Class” (Now called SOLEcial Studies). During that day Wes and Pamela listened to my home slice Ward Robinson of Bloodline Fresh present the idea for Frshr Than Your Avrge to all at the graduation. Wes and Pamela also got to hear the impact that the class had on the original 7 graduates (OG 7) that took the 8 week experience. Shortly after that Wes, Pamela, and I got together to discuss plans to integrate the sneaker culture aspect of Hip-Hop into the festival. We’re very honored they did..THANK YOU BOTH! With each year the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival has grown with this year’s turnout potentially reaching and surpassing the 20,000 attendee mark.

So at this year’s BHF we will be throwing down a special edition of “Frshr Than Your Avrge” which will feature Mr. Man of the Bush Babees, DJ Tony Tone of the Mighty Cold Crush Brothers as judges and my co-host for the day, the super lyrical Chip-Fu (Fu-Schnickens) aka Jungle Rock Jr. WE’RE EXCITED ABOUT THIS OPPORTUNITY TO SHOWCASE THE CULTURE MERGED WITH SUCH LUMINARIES IN THE WORLD OF HIP HOP MUSIC.

We’re looking for 16 battle contestants to register for the FTYA sneaker battle starting NOW! if interested in competing send an email to ftya247@gmail.com. further instructions and details will be provided from there. SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO “Tee” and to “Sherrike”OSD will also have a footwear exhibit on display as well curated by me (Paper Chasr) and Dee Wells. The footwear exhibit is called “Sneakers & Hip-Hop”. The sneakers on display will show the marriage between Hip-Hop and sneaker cultures as well as the influence of certain sports on urban fashion.


The night BEFORE the festival there will be a PRE-party being thrown by Ali Shaheed Muhammad (ATCQ, Lucy Pearl, Garden Seeker Productions) at the Dumbo Loft, just a few blocks away from the BHF 2012 Location. The throw-down called “That’s My Ish!” 

We look forward to seeing you there and experiencing a great day in Brooklyn! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!