PENSOLE’s SOLEHOLDER: Change Has To Make Sense (Cents)

Photograph of PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy Soleholder from the website.D’Wayne Edwards, the Founder of PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy, is a change agent!  What more needs to be said?

Change has to make sense (cents) and D’Wayne Edwards has been making a lot of sense for well over 2 decades when it relates to footwear.

PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy today announced it has launched a global “community ownership” fundraising campaign, called Soleholder, for the purposes of continuing to offer free education while funding expansion for the school’s programs and facilities, according to PENSOLE founder D’Wayne Edwards.

The Soleholder community ownership program is open to anyone who wishes to own shares in the first community-owned footwear design academy in the world. The price per share is $150, and there is no limit to the number of shares that can be purchased until 50,000 total are sold. Any Soleholder who purchases $5,000 worth of shares will have a scholarship established in his/her name.

To learn more about the SOLEHOLDER program you can visit

Photograph of D'Wayne Edwards and other footwear designers at Nike. Photo credit Dee Wells for