[Press Release] The Class has become SOLEcial Studies!

Contact: Dee Wells
T: 508-579-2108
E: dee@osdlive.com
W: www.OSDLIVE.com


Worcester, MA-May 30, 2012-OSDLIVE.com offers class on sneakers, their history and their impact on lifestyles and culture online!

As only OSDLIVE.com can, the sneaker community benefits from the mantra of “Appreciate, Educate, and Elevate the sneaker culture” and with that we offer the 8-week course, “SOLEcial Studies: Sneakers, Their Impact on Lifestyles, Culture, and People in the 21st Century”.

Yes, we changed the name slightly, “out of the necessity to brand the class properly” says OSDLIVE.com founder Dee Wells.

Dee continues to say, “We had students that took the class, and then had a hard time explaining what the class was about to others. In the long run, this allows us to be obvious, especially considering we’re expanding our range, and people from various parts of the world can take the class because it’s offered online.
OSDLIVE.com in conjunction with the online educational platform provider, Lore.com have joined forces to create something very unique and special for the Summer 2012 class participants.

“As a result of the LORE.com platform, OSDLIVE.com is happy to announce that “SOLEcial Studies” is now available for sneaker lovers anywhere in the world to experience”, says Sean “Paper Chasr” Williams. “This is a direction that we had every intention of going in, but I would be lying if I said that I knew it was going to happen this fast. Sneaker lovers will now have a true sneaker college-type experience!” he added.

Registration for “SOLEcial Studies” is now open until Wednesday, June 20, 2012.
The cost for the 8-week course is $300 (USD), and includes course materials, various guest speakers from the footwear industry, discounts for various online footwear retailers, and, of course, the chance to win sneakers!

To register for the course, please visit www.OSDLIVE.com and click on the “Register NOW” button. A $50 deposit will be required at the time of registration to reserve your seat, and tuition payments will only be accepted via PayPal.

For additional information about the course, please email us at info@osdlive.com.