[Recap] FTYA Boston: OH Shit! It’s Sol3Flower The Champion

FTYABoston-51014-DeeWellsOSD-0266 In the US Virgin Islands there’s a saying that says, “I run tings…..tings don’t run me!”Well, that’s exactly how things went down at the Fresher Than Your Average (FTYA) event on Saturday, May 10th at the Villa Victoria in Boston.

[Recap] FTYA Boston: OH Shit! It’s Sol3Flower The Champion

FTYABoston-51014-DeeWellsOSD-0255Sneakerheads from throughout New England- Boston, Worcester, Lawrence and Providence, RI- showed up and represented putting sneaker culture front and center for folks to see that “art for your feet” is very real.

The contestants wore some dope kicks and just like the FTYA Battle rules state, they made sure their outfit coordinated (John Witherspoon voice) and they knew the knowledge about the sneakers.


It was only fitting that the event’s winner was Sol3Flower who represents for the ladies, in the male-dominated sneaker culture, wearing a pair of original Nike Air Flight Huarache sneakers from 1992.

Flower hit her competitors with a better combination than Popeyes and showed up wearing her “OH SHIT” leggings that let her competitors know that she was only getting started!

That was just the warning.

FTYABoston-51014-DeeWellsOSD-0099When it was time to face the competition, Flower, who hails from Queens, New York, dropped knowledge about the Tinker Hatfield and Eric Avar-designed sneakers, along with the fact that the Michigan Fab 5 wore them as freshmen, back when Michigan was a Nike-sponsored school.

Check out the photos from the Battle and get ready for the next Fresher Than Your Average (#FTYABattle) event taking place in Brooklyn later on this summer.

(For the record, there were a lot of ‘heads in the building who were born well after the ’92 and have to rely on articles, books and television specials to learn about the Michigan Fab 5 and how they impacted today’s fashion.  I was fortunate enough to be the Fab 5 play as I, too, was a freshman in college.)