[Film] Boston Sneaker Jam Documentary


Ava Fratus @AvaFratus at the Boston Sneaker Jam wearing her Respect Her Hustle snapback.

Dante Luna, a local filmmaker that calls Boston his home, attended the 1st Annual Boston Sneaker Jam with his video team and created a documentary about sneakers, the culture and why sneakers are so important to so many people.

The 2014 Boston Sneaker Jam brought together a collective of sneaker enthusiast from all over New England to celebrate Hip Hop & Fashion. The artistry of collection and preservation meets fashion statements and a DJ. From musicians, to skateboarders, to people who look at a pair of Jordan’s and makes a lamp with it, the sneaker culture in America has had an impact on contemporary style and attitudes. the “Boston Sneaker Jam” documentary features interviews with Justin Hunte of HipHopDX.comMaverik Jamn ofJAM’N 945ReksDutch ReBelle, Choppa tha Beatboxa, V KnucklesDarin Hager of HeydayFootwear.com and a performance by PHUNK PHENOMENON URBAN DANCE THEATRE!

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