[Sneakers] Fila “The Cage” is back & better than ever!

When Scott, better known as Trethousandgt, of DeFy New York wrote, in the winter of 2010, that Fila should retro the Fila “The Cage” sneakers, he hoped that  someone at Fila would be paying attention, and read the article.

Well, I guess the stars aligned, and someone did read the article!

Fila dug deep into their Vault, and unearthed the sneakers that many sneaker lovers all over the United States were digging, and hunted for in ’93, in the various colorways, that were sometimes limited to a particular region.

Well, “The Cage” is back for 2012, and I’m glad to see them back, and even happier to wear a pair!

The original Cage was known for its rubberized “Cage” at the heel, and folks from Des Moines to Brooklyn quickly recognized it as a dope pair of sneakers!

The revamped Cage features an updated memory foam, wrapped in nylon, “Cage” that is fresh, and makes the sneakers more comfortable and lighter.

While Fila has made some changes to “The Cage” sneakers, they’ve stayed true to form with the original packaging with slightly updated graphics, and they’ve added nice handle to the box.

“The Cage” is currently in stores, and available on Fila’s website and priced at $80 for men’s and $70 for boys’.

We have to say a special thank you to Louis Colon for hooking both Sean, and me up with a pair of “The Cage” sneakers!

Sean “Paper Chasr” Williams received a pair of the Cage’s in Grey/Blue/Purple (Lifestyle color not to be released).



And, yours truly, received a pair of the Cage’s in Black/Pink/Blue.

So, take our word for it, these Fila’s are perfectly priced for you……a Disorderly with discerning taste!

Walk GOOD!