[Talk Show] Episode #324 “Soleless” 10/15 @ 10 p.m. ET

Photograph of artwork for OSD Episode #324Episode #324 “Soleless” 10/15 @ 10 p.m. ET

Join the Sole Doctors & Disorderlies on Wednesday at 10 pm for Episode #324 as we discuss the culture and whether it’s lost it sole?

Week in and week out we discuss sneaker releases as well as what the sneaker culture means today, as some will say, at the age of 42.


Has the sneaker culture lost its sole?

And, you’re not going to want to miss OSD Invest where we discuss footwear stocks to pay attention to and which stocks are showing the most potential and which ones aren’t worth their weight in gold.  

You know you can count on Obsessive Sneaker Disorder to give it to you straight because that’s how we like our sneaker news……minus all the fluff.

So, when the clock strikes 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 15th make sure you tune in and watch the live show and if you have a comment that you’d like to share with us or ask us a question, hit us on Twitter at @OSDLIVE and @OSDCrew365 and use the hashtag ‪#‎OGsneakertalk‬