There’s Money in Sneakers: Reselling to the tune of $1 Billion?

Logo  - Banner 2Yes, there’s money in sneakers and the footwear industry, which is a $22 billion dollar industry that is only getting bigger, and sneakerhead resellers are said to be contributing close to $1 billion to that number.

Earlier in May, Matt Powell wrote an article for Forbes entitled “Sneakernomics: Are Sneakerheads important?” that sparked a lot of conversations on Twitter and even a few sneakerheads recorded videos in response to Matt’s article.

Well, I did what any person who likes sneakers and is inquisitive would do.  I contacted Matt via Twitter and invited him to be a guest on the OSD Talk Show.

After a few back and forth Tweets, Matt let me know that we won’t be able to be a guest on the show due to the show airing so late at night and past his bedtime.

Photograph of Twitter screenshot with MattSOS

Ok. I guess I’ll have to figure out another way to get Matt on the show.

Speaking of the show, last night we recorded our 309th episode.


Let me write that again.

We recorded our 309th EPISODE!!

And, for Episode #309 (6/16/2014) we were joined by Josh Luber of Campless, who shared the story behind creating Campless and why he feels it’s important to provide sneakerheads with data about the value of a pair of sneakers and how much they could sell them for on eBay or the open market.


Recently, CNN Money wrote an article about sneaker resellers and they reported that a pair of Eminem Air Jordan 4s sold for $14,500 on eBay.

Yeah, you read that correctly………$14,500 for a pair of sneakers.

So, what do you think about resellers?

Let me know at @DeeWellsOSD or send me an email to dee@osdlive(.)com.

In the meantime, head over to the Campless website and see what some of your sneakers are worth!

Peace + Sole.