[Video] Nora Vasconcellos: Skateboarding At It’s Best!

NoraVasconcellos-PhotosbyGiovanniReda-adidasSkateboardingIf you’re not into skateboarding and you may not have heard about Nora, but don’t worry…. making a lot of noise as a skateboarder, artist, and all-around inspirator!

Nora Vasconcellos, who grew up in Pembroke, Massachusetts, is the main character in the mini-documentary “Nora”, which highlights her love for skateboarding (sparked by Nickelodeon’s Rocket Power) in what appears to be when she was about 6 or 7-years-old.


Nora’s parents and her brother, Davis, who’s a Parkour athlete and coach in Boston, discuss Nora’s love for riding her bicycle, rollerblading and, of course, skateboarding in Pembroke, where they grew up.

While Nora is not the first female skateboarder to catch the attention of the skateboarding world, she certainly knows how to have fun and isn’t afraid to let it all hang out!

Besides inking a deal with adidas Skateboarding, Nora was listed by Forbes.com as one of the “Women In Sports To Watch in 2018” as she prepares to defend her Vans Park Series title.

I think the only rating that I could even put on a skateboarder is like…how much do they make me want to go ride my skateboard. ~Nora

The film gives us some insight into Nora’s world and I’m sure we’re going to hear her name a lot in 2018 and beyond!

[youtube width=”500″ height=”500″]https://youtu.be/aqdzySYTtj8[/youtube]