[Video] “Sole Man” by ESPN 30For30 on Sonny Vaccaro (Chapter 1)

Photograph of Sonny Vaccaro from the '80s.Sonny Vaccaro has been called the mastermind behind putting the Swoosh on a number of college basketball players who’d go onto greatness (Can you say Michael Jordan)!

Well, it’s safe to say that Sonny, who grew up just in Trafford, PA, which is located 18 miles East of Pittsburgh, knows how to hustle and turned high school basketball and eventually college basketball on its head and changed the game completely when he started signing coaches to ‘sneaker deals’ in the ’80s.

In the first chapter, of what is to be 5 chapters, of “Sole Man” the Sonny Vaccaro story we learn how Vaccaro got his nickname and the reason behind him creating the Dapper Dan Roundball Classic.

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