World Sneaker Championship Experience 2/23

osdlive-wscx16-8127On another unbelievably warm day in New York City, students from the Business of Sports School (B.O.S.S.) visited the World Sneaker Championship Experience and learned about the various careers that exist in the footwear industry and they were able to try their hands at using Wacom Cintiq tablets to learn how to draw sneakers using Adobe Illustrator.

osdlive-wscx16-8049 osdlive-wscx16-8056 osdlive-wscx16-8088osdlive-wscx16-8069Later on that evening, folks were treated to a panel that consisted of Antoine Orr, Jonathan David Riley, and Rich ‘Maze’ Lopez.

Pensole_02232017_Panel-8172 Pensole_02232017_Panel-8181 Pensole_02232017_Panel-8212The panel, moderated by OSD’s Sean ‘Paper Chasr’ Williams, covered topics such as hustling, working on your wedding day, and taking it to the streets to keep a pulse on what’s hot and what’s not!

More to come from the World Sneaker Championship Experience and the launch of the WSC16 OG Maroons on 2/25 at select Footlocker stores.