World Sneaker Championship: The Final 8

Photograph of World Sneaker Championship by PENSOLE artwork.We’ve been reporting  about the World Sneaker Championship by PENSOLE and joining us on Episodes #315 and #316, D’Wayne Edwards along with the students that are competing for the championship have appeared on OSD.

The competition began with 30 students representing 16 nations and now, down to the final 8 competitors, it’s up to you to select the champion.

Photograph of World Sneaker Championship presentation screen at PENSOLE

Head over to Sports Illustrated to read the biographies of the final 8 and cast your vote.

The World Sneaker Championship is aimed to give aspiring young footwear designers a chance to show off their skills, with the chance to have their final designs sold at retail. Students created designs for these categories and sponsoring brands: Nike (Women’s Sportswear); Under Armour (Basketball); JORDAN (Training); Adidas (Running); PONY (Heritage); New Brand (Value); Android Homme (Designer); and UNDFTD (Collector). – Sports Illustrated

Photograph of the World Sneaker Championship final 8 with their final design.